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If you have questions, remarks or suggestions feel free to contact us.

You are strongly encouraged to post your message on the Clipperz forum for anything that could be of interest to other Clipperz users like bug reports, feature requests and use cases. And if you are reporting a bug or a malfunction, please make sure to specify your browser and operating system.

forum: Clipperz on Google Groups
twitter: clipperz

Talk to us

Giulio Cesare Solaroli
twitter: gcsolaroli
Skype ID: gcsolaroli
PGP: Public key
PGP fingerprint: 6BF9 2210 B2F8 DA59 6CE7 4EED 22E3 4C90 8F02 CBA2

Chat with developers and users

Please note - Use /MSG gcsolaroli <message> to send a private message to Giulio Cesare. Or start a private chat room using /QUERY gcsolaroli. This is by far the most anonymous way to contact us.

Pidgin and Adium are good IM clients that supports IRC on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. Or you can just use the webchat below.

Visit our offices

Clipperz srl
Via Selice, 66/A 40026 Imola (Bologa)

Legal address

Clipperz Srl
Via Selice, 66/A
40026 Imola (Bologna)

Clipperz Srl is an Italian limited liability registered company. You can download the Certificate of Incorporation or get a fresh one from the Business Register of the Italian Chambers of Commerce.